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At GCMD, we bring the best of diversity, collaboration and innovation together to make net zero an attainable future for the maritime industry. Join us to make a visible impact—see our open roles.

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Decarbonisation demands actions, not just ideas

We are a diverse team, from different backgrounds, united in our mission to help the maritime sector decarbonise. Our work is focused on solving real-world problems to lower the adoption barriers and closing gaps in infrastructure, safety, operations and financing.

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Our culture

Life at GCMD

At GCMD, I am privileged to work in a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose. The collaborative atmosphere among colleagues has made work deeply fulfilling. Since joining GCMD, I have continuously expanded my skills and expertise, alongside passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues. There is always something new to learn every day!

Soo Ching TAN

Office Manager

At GCMD, work is challenging and fast-paced. Though the learning path for me may be steep, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn new skills, develop my expertise and widen my knowledge. The inspiration I receive from my seniors and peers motivate me — I know I am not alone. We work hard and play even harder. We enjoy a team-bonding session once every month! We are like a family so when there are challenges, we conquer these mountains and cheer together, very much like what our Professor Lynn Loo always says: ‘Together, we are stronger; together, we can.’

Chen LI

Manager, Projects, supporting GCMD’s initiative on developing an assurance framework for drop-in green fuels

Working at GCMD gives me the chance to create real, lasting impact. This pushes me, as part of the Projects team, to work on the toughest challenges and stretch the boundaries of what maritime decarbonisation should be. I am heartened to be in this role where I can work with the team to ask ‘what’s the biggest challenge on the horizon for our industry?’, rather than simply what more can we do in our current state, and with that I can come to work every day with a strong sense of purpose.


Director, Projects, lead for GCMD’s initiative on accelerating the adoption of energy efficiency technologies

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